The Women in the Lobby

Sydney Writers Festival - Podcast

Daily Mail , 27 March 2012
The new Devil Wears Prada? September Issue director to make big-screen version of 'revenge novel' by former Harper's Bazaar editor

The Huffington Post, 26 March 2012
'Fabulous Nobodies,' New Film From R.J. Cutler, Now Being Cast

Herald Sun, 7 June 2008
Sexual foyerism

Western Australia, 6 June 2008
The witer in the lobby

Sunday Telegraph, 1 June 2008

The Age, 31 May 2008
On the spot

City Weekly, 25 May 2008
The offer that was put in writing

The Age, 23 May 2008
Up there for writing, down there for dancing

The Age, 17 May 2008
When the story is the magnet

Sun Herald, 11 May 2008
Five-star floozies

Age, 10 May 2008
Grand entrances

AAP Newswire, 9 May 2008

Lee Tulloch is a women who has loltered in many hobbies

Madison, April 2008
Master Strokes

Sunday Telegraph, 27 April 2008
Lee Tulloch