Friends & Family

My beautiful, intrepid sister Coral Tulloch is a children’s book author and illustrator. Her two latest books are Sydney of the Antarctic and The Journey

Past exhibitions of photographic art by my husband Anthony Amos, can be viewed at His editorial work can be seem at

My cocktail-drinking partner, Mark Trevorrow, and his pesky alter-ego Bob Downe.

A lovely new friend, Matteo B. Bianchi, author and editor of the new Italian edition of Favolose Nullitá, has a divine website.

My favourite illustrator, Richard Gray, who provided the heavenly illustrations for my new book, Perfect Pink Polish, has some of his work on view at Art-Dept.

Have a look at my friend Andrew Bell’s extraordinary photographs of ship breaking in Bangladesh.

My dear New York buddies, Richie and Dean, can be found at their production company Wildkind where they are producing some great music documentaries.

Crime writer Shane Maloney's website is a blast.

Woman power! Anne Summers.

What adventuress Wendy Harmer is up to now.

Ramona Koval has been my best friend since we were 12 at Balwyn High. Join her at The Monthly online book club and find her books here.

The lovely Julian Burnside, crusader for human rights and good speech.The gorgeous Kate Durham, his wife is an artist and tireless campaigner for refugee rights.

You can find out all about cartoonist, author and performer Victoria Roberts here. Her first novel, After the Fall, is wonderful. So is Nona Appleby.

I am a citizen of Lizbekistan. You should be too.
Check out Lizvegas as well.

Martin Grant, Lizbekistan's Minister of Cutting and Tailing, makes exquisite clothes from his Paris atelier. View his collection.

Architect Robert Grace and his wife, painter Sarah de Teliga , live in Boho splendour in Paris with sons Nestor and Linus.

I recommend you visit the remarkable and mysterious Victor Stamp.

The magnificent Tara Moss is here in all her glory.

Please subscribe to design maven Carol Fertig’s Object Lesson and peruse The Supplemental.

Kirstie Clements is writing a storm, with two books, The Vogue Factor and Tongue In Chic, published in 2013 and another one due in 2014. Did you see her on The View?